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Type-44 (and others) SS brakeline vendor report


A couple months ago Kirby Smith posted Paragon Performance
 http://www.paragonperformance.com ; 1-800-270-0333) as a source for SS
brake lines. I installed them a couple weeks ago -- they went on without a
hitch (I did have to split my existing rubber grommet on the old lines and
reuse that), and are working fine. I don't really notice much of a
difference in brake feel, but I'd like to pretend I do; they look cool at
any rate. ;-)

Paragon advertises the kit as being made with dot-certified lines, but they
don't call actually call the kits DOT-certified. Price is reasonable, they
give a Q-list discount, and they have the type-44 lines (and other Audi
models) as an actual part number so you don't have mess with the
measurements and what-not. Igor/Osman's  brake 101 post a while back
cautioned about getting the right length rear line -- the Paragon line meets
Igor's size criteria.

Here's the scoop from Mike at Paragon (paragon@paragonperformance.com):

>>Our part number is: PLAQ200T8991. The configurations are as follows:
>> Front: 2 ct. 10mm female by 10mm male, 16" overall length
>> Rear:  2 ct. 10mm female by 10mm male, 10" overall length
>>Price: $71.00. With your discount, the price (without shipping) will be

>>If this looks like what you want, give us a call at 1-800-270-0333 and be
>>sure to tell the sales desk that you belong to the Quattro list and want
>>10% discount.

BTW, with shipping they were under $70 and I had the kit in about five days.
Pretty good service in my book.

Tim King
Seattle, WA
89 200tqw