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Re: 2 piece exhaust manifold

DeWitt Harrison <de@aztek-eng.com> wrote:
> When I received my Dialynx EM, it came with a very nicely built
> bellows coupling. (If only the EM was so well done.) Using it involves
> exhaust system surgery and it is not compatible with US sized 2"
> stainless pipe. :-( The vendor (TAP) advised, incorrectly I believe, that
> the bellows is only necessary on an urq installation.

Can you expand on your criticisms of the Dialynx EM?  This is the 
first I'd read about anything negative about them, except that 
they sometimes warp once, and need to be machined.

(at least I think I remember that the Dialynx EM's warp like the 
stock ones, no?)