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Project 4ksq

Tonite I brought home a brand new cherry picker, 
with the help of Cliff Dawson (thanks again Cliff, 
if you're reading).

It's a big sucka', doesn't fold up or anything.
This weekend I will be putting the finishing 
touches on the right front suspension, so that it 
will be rollable, then I will roll it out to clear 
some space out of the dinky, one-car garage it 
resides in.  After I make the room, it will go 
all the way in the back, where I will pull out 
the motor, and drop in the C-GT motor.

Then the 4ksq motor will get bolted up to the 
engine stand while I decide what to do. 

As for the 4ksq, registration, new bushings, 
and various other little fixes will be made. 

If it's not to late, I'll put a deposit on a 
set of H1/H4's.  If it is too late, then that's 
okay too for now.  

Any advice on pulling the motor?  I was less 
than careful yanking it out of the Coupe carcass. 
This part of the project will require more finesse.