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Re: 4000q wheel conversion...

One other thing whow about the rims on Alex Neckas' 4kqt?
> Ok guys, sorry for the repost but I do not recall this topic...
> I am wanting to do a wheel upgrade on my 4000q I saw Pete Kunzler's
> 4kqt on www.ptinet.com/~quattro/quattro.htm and low the way the 17"s
> look on that car... Does anyone know about rubbing? BAD side effects?
> I have been told bad aquaplaning but I don't see very much rain where I live.
> Does anyone know if the 17"s require rolling of the fenders?
> I went to Discount tire today and couldn't find anything with the 4x108 
> offset that was to my liking (all japanes looking rims)
> I would like recommendations as to 15/16/17" and tire sizes/offsets...
> TIA!
> Rich Andrews
> '86 4kq