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5KCS Door Panel Removal

OK, thanks to Fred Munro's response to my interior latch question, I
think I know the problem and am ready to dive in...

Only I ran into a snag in removing the lower door panel in this 5000CS.
I have all the screws out along the top and the ones holding the
self/basket on the bottom.  I've taken off the lock knob and triangle of
trim behind the mirror.  And I've popped the clips loose around the
sides and bottom of the trim panel.

It seems like the panel should just now side up and off, but it still
seems to be held in at the center, around the pull handle...  I've
looked for hidden screws, but could not find any.

So my question, how does the panel come off?  If I pull up harder will
the pull handle attachments come off?  Are there hidden screws that I
missed somewhere?  Is there a magic incantation?

Suggestions appreciated.  BTW this is a leather & plastic trim panel of
86 vintage, if that makes a difference.

TIA, again