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re: stock spring rates in an early 83 UrQ?

Michael Williams <urquattro@surfree.com> wrote:
> and btw, for the people who dont do the conversion for fear of ruining 
> the strut housings which are apparently quite valuable on the UrQ, I 
> asked 2Bennett about it and they say that it isnt too hard to revert it 
> back to stock....so....

Well if you don't cut off the stock perches, maybe.  But if they 
mean you can weld 'em back on if you convert back to stock, IMO 
it won't be the same.  Those housings are heat treated, ya know. 
You're not supposed to even cut or weld on them.  A purist would 
not consider them to have the same value as untouched ones.

If you're gonna go custom, maybe you could use some parts from the 
inexpensive and prolific 4k/C-GT family.

But then again, you've already taken the whole engine out and replaced 
it with an entirely different one.  Hey btw, 2B didn't cut out the 
core support did they?  I assume they wouldn't have to, as that is 
"necessary" for locating the intercooler in front of the motor.  Since 
the ur-q already had such things, I imagine they used a little bit of 
both cars, and refrained from taking metal off.