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RE: Static shock

Seems as you are driving the same car as Phil does, did you remember the
microfish reader?
Another idea is to attach a chain to your rear bumper, that grounds the car
to the road. I seem to recall that in "past days" a lot of lories, trucks
(the ones that carry flammable liquids) used to drag a chain on the road at
all times,

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Don't take this the wrong way,Jeff.

A few friends of mine discussed this problem on a party a few weeks ago and
came up with an answer and a few workarounds.

First the answer:

No, it indicates that your clothes, the car interior and the wether
conditinons aren't compatible. :)


One workaround is to remove one of the tires from the car :), that way the
car will have the same voltage potential as the ground you steps out to. :)
This solotion however reduces comfort a lot...

An other workaround is to use a small aluminum ladder to climb out of the
car, the downside of this solotion is that the ladder must be stored in the
car and you must make sure that the ladder is slided down to ground level
without loosing contact with bare metal of the car.

A more easily used workaround is to visit a marine supply store, there you
purchase an anchor and ten feet of chain, attach the anchor to the chain and
attach the chain to the lower seat belt bolt on the driver side. After
parking throw the anchor and leave the car, if you use to large chain you
will not be able to close the door without applying a lot of power, I leave
it up to you to pick a chain that fits your car.
To safely store the anchor and chain while driving you must make some kind
of harness to avoid the anchor flying around in the car during a accident.
This is very important! While making the harness i can suggest securing all
other useful items you have in your Audi, to avoid getting stuck in nowhere.
ex: garage jack, jack stands, motor lift, wheel bearings, spare engine on
engine stand, gearbox,  and of course the Nissan Micra to get home when the
car really breaks down...Can you even imagine the damage an unbelted Micra
in the back seat can do to in the event of an accident?

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden
Audi 200 TQ -85