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Snow & Ice Advice

As I bought my '88 5ksq less than a year ago, this is the first time I've
had the chance to take it out on tricky road conditions.  Today, we got a
dusting a snow that quickly became ice.  Is it me, or does my car
handle/grip better when just driving -- as opposed to turning or braking?  I
have no problems getting up hills, but I tend to slide a bit at

A highly reputable tire shop sold me on Michelin MXV4's for Seattle weather
(6 mos. ago).  I know most Q-Listers are not fond of 'em.  Without
resurrecting any tire wars, could someone tell me if there are particular
conditions where the MXV4's are great vs. poor?  Things I should be careful
of with them...?

Also, the Audi manual says *not* to use the diff locks unless stuck or
planning to get stuck (and I'd know that how????).  Even then, only use
center diff.  True?

Finally, any Audi- or 5ksq-specific advice for handling snow & ice?  The '74
Superbeetle I used to drive was simple -- semi-controlled fishtail
everywhere & chains when it gets really bad.  :)

Thanks in advance for any help.


P.S. One *really* good thing...  heated seats, heated mirrors & *heat*!