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Re: Too much oil - Urq

In message <007001be2c53$5be20780$644995c1@default> "DRoxburgh" writes:

> Advice please...  my Urq has just come back from service, and the oil level
> when cold is an eighth to a quarter of an inch above the max mark on the dip
> stick, do I need to take some out?

No, but watch it carefully if you're doing lots of short runs that don't
really get the oil hot.

Occasionally, one of a series of potential scenarios sees fuel leaking
into the engine.  If the engine is run up to normal operating
temperature, this fuel boils out of the oil and is lost through the
breathers.  If your service involved extensive diagnostics and the
mechanics weren't aware of a few things, they might have pumped fuel
into the oil.  If they have, it will disappear on the first long drive
without causing any untoward problems.

If you do short trips and don't reach full operating temperature, and
the volume of 'oil' continues to increase, you night have a fuel
leakdown problem.

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