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Re: stock spring rates in an early 83 UrQ?

Michael Williams wrote:
> Ken Keith decided to speak these words:
> >Make sure it's a quattro, otherwise your rear driveshafts won't have a
> >hole in the hub to go into!
> >
> >The turbo donor I'm looking for is a quattro for this (and others)
> >reason.
> You dont swap the rear, only the front.  You simply press a 5 bolt hub
> into the 4kq rear strut housing....thats all that is needed for the
> rear...

Okay, what 5 bolt hub?  I was saying get a quattro because you need 
all the hubs (to press in).  I guess you could get a FWD turbo, and 
a set of 5 bolt hubs for the back.  But if you get a q from the start, 
you get more parts to sell when you part out the rest, IMO.  
Am I missing something?

What do you have to do to the front?  Can't you just press the 5 bolt 
hub there too?