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Re: Quattro weather!!! In San Francisco??!?!

Michael Williams wrote:
> hey all, well, finally getting some quattro weather here at my house, in
> San Francisco.  Talk about wierd.  It only took it 15 years to snow
> again...hehe...I bet my UrQ is mad at me for teasing it like
> this....<sigh>

Thanks for rubbing it in.  A couple weeks ago Im in Vegas. It snowed.
First time in 20 years they say. So then I go to San Francisco. It
snows. First time in 15 years.  So I head to LA. 40's and COLD. Yup,
unseasonably cold. Take a ride through death valley... It snowed.  All
this while its in the 70's back home in connecticut!!! Geez.

PS, saw a 90 coupe Q (red) heading north on 405 on my way to san diego
while I was heading south... anyone on the list? (might have been route
5 at that point, I dont remember)