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Re: Blue bottle. What's it for?

George -

> Sitting in the son's 87 5ktqs with the drivers door open trying to pin
> down where a new buzzing sound was coming from and I noticed an odd
> shaped, looked like three balls stacked on top of each other, blue
> bottle/container deep inside the door jamb. It has a hose coming into it
> and it looks like it's made of fairly dense plastic. I took a look
> through the Bentley but the closes thing I could find was a vacuum
> bottle that is part of the egr system for kh engine model cars. This car
> has the mc engine so I'm at a loss as to what it is. Anyone have any
> idea as to what it could be? Just curiousity on my part.

That's the vacuum reservoir used by all the crazy vacuum-actuated
devices on the car. I believe that the power locks, the climate control
flaps, and the differential locks are all connected to it and an
electric vacuuum pump under the rear seat. Excuse me if I'm mistaken on
any of those.

> p.s. The new buzzing noise was from the electric engine fan. It has
> never made that noise before so I guess that's going to go soon now. The
> car likes us it gives a warning now.

Hmm, who is it that has the web page, detailing how to do the factory
upgrade to the fan wiring, so that it won't cause a fire when the fan
goes? Haven't done that myself, either.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k