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Re: Snow & Ice Advice

"AMZ" <amz@eskimo.com> wrote:

>A highly reputable tire shop sold me on Michelin MXV4's for Seattle weather
>(6 mos. ago).  I know most Q-Listers are not fond of 'em.  Without
>resurrecting any tire wars, could someone tell me if there are particular
>conditions where the MXV4's are great vs. poor?  Things I should be careful
>of with them...?

I've driven on Eco Michelins, MXVs and MXTs. All have soft sidewalls and
hard treads- comfortable and hard wearing. Not grippy and sporting for

They're decent in dry and wet weather, bad in snow and ice (not surprising).
All Michelins I've tested are very prone to warping the tread, which
produces lots of noise. Not a tyre for enthusiasts, IMO.