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Re: FS: one 4k eurolite (passenger) lamp/frame/harness, drivers

Now, when you say "Euro drivers side", are you not actually referring to a 
right hand headlight? <g>

BTW, what side marker are you talking about with the Euro H1/H4's?  I thought 
there was no side marker at all, since the H4 is moved to the extreme outboard 
location, displacing the orange side marker.  No?


 Todd R <todd@myboat.com> wrote: >
> Update: 
> With regards to the mentioned possibility that I might also have had a 
> Euro drivers side...  I checked, and I have the other Euro wire harness 
> (w/ 3 plugs H4, H1, side marker?). The headlight glass and reflector are no
> longer.