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RE: 4000 turbo conversion advice

The ratios Ti posted are indeed for the '84. I also have an '85 brochure
which reports the same numbers as used in '84. We, my sons and I, have 3
4kq's an '84,'85 and my '87 the '84 only makes about 19-20 mph per 1000 rpm
while the '85 & '87 each make 22 mph per 1000 rpm in 5th gear. Since we have
confirmed the final drive is the same (4:11)and that the tires are all the
same (blizzaks) then the transmission ratios must be different.

That being said, I have ridden in an '85 that seemed to have lower gearing.
I know the tranny code on Eban's '85 is "US 250" and my '87 is "US 270". the
'84 has a "6E0305" Transmission code.  It is possible Audi changed the
transmissions at the same time they replaced the "UR" rear differential with
the "AEC" in early '85.


> > The 84 4000Q brochure lists the same gear ratios.
> 	So then why does everyone including me swear they are different.
> My 85' and 87' seem to turn much lower RPM's on freeway than the 84'.
> Could be just me but I think others have noticed the same
> thing.  I know
> the tranny physically a different unit as it holds less
> fluid. Or is it
> more, cant remember which way it goes.
> > But the VW GTI gearbox has a taller final drive ratio.
> >
> k
> 	What is the GTI Final Drive?
> L8R
> 	Todd