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RE: More on the $1100 brake pad warning light...

I had the same problem with my '89 200tq.  The warning light constantly 
came on every time I turned the car on.  I tried everything, but nothing 
would work.  Then, I accidentally shorted out the instrument cluster lights 
because of a faulty rear defrost switch.  I burned a couple of wires in the 
circuit board.  I tried to fix it, but it wasn't reliable, so I got a used 
instrument cluster from a salvage yard.  When I put the new cluster in, not 
only did the cluster light up, but the brake pad warning light didn't come 
on!  Killed two birds with one stone.  Apparently, the warning light 
problem was in the cluster itself.

Tom B.
'86 4kq
'89 200tq