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Re: PLEASE help!!!! 88 80q

Hate to say this but I would change the slave and master cylinder for
the clutch along with the hose and all brake fluid flushed...
A little pricey but my girlfriend's 300zx did the same thing and after
the repair no more grinding AT ALL!!
She had driven the car for almost a year before the slave cylinder crapped
out on ME driving in downtown FT. Worth... not fun but I managed..

Rich Andrews
> List,
> I know someone on the list has the answers
> to my questions could you please help me?
> question number 1:
> strange shifting, driving at any speed. BUT NOT WHILE STOPPED
> When shifting from any gear the shift knob
> always "waits" before engaging. Clutch in, push
> to 3rd, hit a stop for about half a second
> hold pressure on the shift knob, and then
> engage...why?? seems to me it should be a s-m-o-o-th
> transition? The car has 133k on it and it has always
> done that<had it for about 1 year>.      
> Question number 2:
> Grinding of 3rd gear.
> Stop at a red light, go, 1st gear till 5000rpm great
> except for question number 1, 2nd gear ride till 5000rpm
> fine. 3rd gear...clutch in 5000rpm off gas try for 3rd,
> ouch! grinds for half a second as it hit's 3rd...ONLY above
> 4800rpm or so... what is that?  
> some one told me it could be the syncro? could be the linkages?
> what do you all think?? any one BTDT?????
> Question number 3:
> Is it the master or slave.
> The clutch is now on the floor, how can I tell if I need a new
> slave or master cyl?? also it is MUCH worse if it's cold<almost
> can't get it to disengage the tranny>
> I know someone has had at least ONE of these problems, please let
> me learn from your experience....Thanks a mountain in advance!!!!             
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