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Re: 4kq - water pump noises

Chuck Schott wrote:
> Greetings Listers,
> I just installed a new water pump, idler pulley and timing belt on my '84
> 4000s Quattro.  After having it all back together, I'm a little disappointed
> that I'm still getting noise from the front end of the motor.
> **Q1: Are some noises to be expected even with new parts?
> With my mechanics stethoscope I think that I have pinpointed origin of the
> noises to be the water pump.  Unfortunately I don't have the resources to
> record an audio stream for you all, so I'll have to do my best to describe
> the sounds:
> >From the pump, I get a random, intermittent soft  "clack ----- clack
> clack ---" (one to three or so "clacks") and an intermittent "click click
> click"    (two to five or so "clicks").  There does not seem to be any
> relation between the "clicks" and "clacks" (except the Tappet Brothers on
> NPR:-))    I can also pick up the clicks in the idler pulley but not as
> strong as the pump.
> There is a tiny bit of play in the water pump pulley and a little more in
> the idler pulley.  Both turn smoothly.
> Another thing to note is that the pulley on the new water pump sticks out
> about 2mm further than my old one, causing the pump to rub on the inside of
> the timing belt cover.  I drove the car this way about 150mi before adding a
> washer to the lower cover stud.
> **Q2: Could the heat generated by the water pump rubbing the timing belt
> cover fry the bearings of the pump?  Seems those bearings would get pretty
> hot under normal conditions anyhow.
> **Q3:  Should the sleeves that go on the timing belt cover studs be oriented
> with the "flange" side toward the motor?
> **Q4 The final question:  Could I have damaged these parts by
> over-tightening the timing belt?  I tightened it to the 90deg twist spec in
> the Bentley. Does this type of damage occur quickly, or over a period of
> time?
> Thanks in advance,
> Chuck
> Seattle, Washington
> 1984 4000s Quattro

Take a listen to your power steering pump while you're there.  THe water
pump and the power steerting pump share a bolt for the mounting right? 
it's been a couple days since i've been in my engine, and i can't
Chris Locke  86 4kcstq