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Audi Gods collaborating with Saturn ones

Today I placed the order for my H1/H4 eurolites, 
on the faith that I will soon get the 4ksq on the 
road.  I am hoping that it will allow me to perhaps 
sell my '94 Saturn SL2 daily driver, so that the 
money I spend on car payments can go to other things.

Then tonight I go to top off my coolant in the 
plastic car, and I notice why it's low.  The plastic 
radiator in the plastic car has a crack in it. 

The only thing worse than a car that needs repairs 
at inopportune times, is one your making payments 
on too.  I suppose it's fitting that I mailed this 
months payment off this morning.

Well, this next weekend I'll be road tripping it 
to Cali in the SL2, assuming this new problem is 
addressed, so I won't be wrenching on the 4ksq.

Next weekend (sheesh, that's New Year's, ain't it!), 
I'll get some stuff going on.  Got the garage 
cleared out, ready to setup the cherry picker for 
the swap.  (Doh!  I need to order an exhaust 
gasket and probably a oil pan gasket too.  I don't 
want to break up the head set I have just for 
putting the 4ksq manifold on the C-GT head)

Thanks for reading my vent...


Ken  (don't try this at home)