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Re: Wheel Help...Please?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott Sierakowski say:

> I have a set of TSW Blades 4X108, offset 35mm with 225/50/16's off my 95
> 90Q Sport.  Does anyone know if these will fit on a 86 5000S?

I'm pretty sure they will. The 5K (like my 100Q) uses 4x108, 38mm
offset. The turbo used a biggger offset (45mm?). I don't think any
of them used the 5 bolt until later.

There may be a bit of rubbing. The stock size on mine is 205/60.
So you're going 20mm wider (10/side) but 3mm inward from offset.
When I once tried a 45mm, which pushed me out 7mm, I got a bit
of rubbing in the back under hard cornering.


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