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wheel collison experience

About three years ago, I sent three of my BBS wheels for my then Jetta to
Wheel Collision's Bath PA location.  Two of them had quite a wobble in
them. (I bought the car used).  All the wheels came back straight, not
perfect, but straight.  I will say that prior to doing the worst wheel,
they called and asked if I wanted the really bad wheel done, even though
they couldn't guarantee a perfectly straight result.  I made the mistake of
sending the wheels separately because I had no spare.  Each came back with
a slightly different shade of silver.  I blame myself for that.  Service
was otherwise excellent, even though I paid $150 + per wheel (no curb
scars, just wobbly).  I hope this helps.

Stefan Richter
95 S6
96 Jetta GLX