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Re: Urq interiors and Super Touring quattros

In message <003d01be2df1$386405c0$710056d4@joukoh.vtoy.fi> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> As an added bonus, the RR's have an extended centre console, upholstered in
> leather, which will serve well is holding assorted bits o'stuff.

HA!  When you get back to the office, check out the list price of that

> The car also had the coupe-style three adittional round VDO gauges above the
> ashtray and the rear diff switch mounted on the console by the shifter -
> like the early 90's 100's.  Is this an MTM thing, or were the cars made like
> that (late RR's)?  I don't recall seing anything of the sort in real life or
> ETKA for that matter.

No, it's MTM.

> At least it'll still be a heck of lot cheaper than Juha Kankkunen's (yes,
> the multiple rally WC) latest aquisition - an S1 at close to USD 200 000.00.
> He is building a considerable collection of significant rally cars -
> regretfully not open to the public (yet??).  FWIW, there is an S1 for sale
> somewhere in Britain (I vaguely remeber this mentioned on the list) with
> "just a blown engine".  Apparently GBP 60 000.00, and according to Risto
> Buri at LMS, another similar heap to restore the car into deserving
> condition.  So much for good deals.

Nobody knows.  The cam belt went during Michele Mouton's second practice
run at Goodwood in 1996 and the engine hasn't been opened up yet.  The
parts required are _allegedly_ held at VAG in Milton Keynes.

The car is at David Sutton's 'Historic Motorsport' in Milton Keynes.

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