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Re: Audi Gods collaborating with Saturn ones

Andrew Buc wrote:
> For a split second, I thought your msg header was 
"Audi Gods collaborating with Satan."

Hehe, almost may as well have been.

All is well.  $210 for a new rad, and however long 
it just took me to put it in.  Almost painless.
3 year warranty.

I can't believe how incredible cheap and light the 
stock rad was, made by Johnson Controls.  It must've 
weighed like one ounce.  The one I replaced it with 
is still pretty cheap, but it's about twice as thick, 
and has ports for the internal auto tranny cooler setup, 
which I didn't use (of course).  

With all the plastic, and the associated "Saturn-ness" 
in that car, it reminds me of working on a little 
model car or something.  Or a big one, really.

It was nothing like I'm used to with my C-GT or 4ksq
(obligatory Q content).

And that's something I'm going to get used to again 
real soon...  "nothing can stop me now" (NIN)

Off to test drive, gas up and wash (in the machine, 
a benefit of having an appliance for a daily driver) 
to prepare for the one car caravan to Cali for Christmas.