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New Borbet type C's FS

After trying the new type C's on the new Benz, I decided that they should
be sold and I am going to keep the older set ( that I was previously going
to sell) for snows on the dragon wagon.

The new set is 17 X 8 Borbet Type C with Dunlop SP8000 rubber (less than
1000 miles on wheels and tires)  there are a few curb dings (were on Caryns
car) but are in excellent shape.  There is also a bonus extra wheel (brand
new) with no rubber.  The tire size is 245/40/17 .Ill sell it to for $1150
which is a little over half price.  If interested let me know and we can
meet @ my home in Pembroke MA. or do FOB shipping.  Have a nice Holiday to

Jeff Donnelly

 Ill be @ 781.826.4499 today wed and 781.826.3233 until monday if some one
wants to call.