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RE: 4000 turbo conversion advice

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Bruce Bell wrote:

> The ratios Ti posted are indeed for the '84. I also have an '85 brochure
> which reports the same numbers as used in '84. We, my sons and I, have 3
> 4kq's an '84,'85 and my '87 the '84 only makes about 19-20 mph per 1000 rpm
> while the '85 & '87 each make 22 mph per 1000 rpm in 5th gear. Since we have
> confirmed the final drive is the same (4:11)and that the tires are all the
> same (blizzaks) then the transmission ratios must be different.

	Thats what the consensus is.  BUt if the brochure is wrong about
one of the ratio's, which one.  How do you know the 84' ratios are right?

> That being said, I have ridden in an '85 that seemed to have lower gearing.
> I know the tranny code on Eban's '85 is "US 250" and my '87 is "US 270". the
> '84 has a "6E0305" Transmission code.  It is possible Audi changed the
> transmissions at the same time they replaced the "UR" rear differential with
> the "AEC" in early '85.

	THey did change the trannies.  Says so in the bently, newer ones
hold a different amount of fluid too.  Question is, what changed inside
them with the gears.  Thanks for the reply
	Meery Christmas Everyone