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Re: Wheel studs?

In a message dated 98-12-22 19:31:00 EST, johkar@teleport.com writes:

<< Has anyone followed up on this or come up with an affordable alternative
 (i.e. $2 a stud or less)? >>

I've been working on this recently for one of my cars. I wasn't able to come
up with the correct threaded rod in 8.8 at a reasonable price, so I purchased
a box o bolts and had a friend at Cat Machine Power remove the heads with a
hi-po cutter. I could've done the same job with an air cutoff tool, but it
would've taken me *much* longer than overnight. I cleaned/beveled the edges of
the new studs with the air cutter and threaded them right in. I'll also red
locktite them in place. Making them vibration resistant yet service friendly.
I haven't purchased the nuts yet, so if someone has had good luck with Les
Schwab Tyre or GPR etc, drop me a number. Be sure to get the correct nut, ball
seat style. I've heard the Porche ones may not be the correct seat. Total cost
minus nuts, 40x.75 + labor.

Chris Semple
'86 4000q, studded hubs, but not tyres.