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Attitude adjustment time! ;-)

>1990 Audi 200t (named "Goddammit" ... "start, Goddammit!",
>                "not now, Goddammit!",
>                "goddammit, Goddammit!")
>From: gerard@dockside.co.za

Yes, we know you have had more than your fair share of problems from the
Audi gods - but Gerard, don't you think you're pushing your luck here? ;-)

The more machinery I accumulate, the more I am convinced that these things
are sentient beings and aware of your attitudes towards them. I've had cars
and bikes that could honestly be described as schizoid, sullen, eager,
comatose, stupid, "high-strung", stolid, senile, vengeful - yes, I know
these are blatant anthropomorphisms but I think there's something there -
ever heard anyone say "Such-and-such car has no soul."? - Anyone who is a
car enthusiast KNOWS - EXACTLY - what is being said here . . .

Friend of mine had a bulldozer which he was totally convinced hated him.
Every time he touched it, it drew blood - and he's a GOOD, careful
mechanic. He finally sold it after 15 years of hate/hate relationship, and
it tried to kill him just one last time - it broke the ramps they were
using to get it onto a trailer to take it away.

Seriously, though, your attitude DOES have an effect on your car - if you
dislike the car, resent having to work on it, get bitter and furious when
it breaks, hate its every foible (and Audis are WELL supplied with
foibles), you WON'T MAINTAIN it properly - you'll spend NO time checking,
adjusting, and so forth - and guess what - it will let you down!

On the other hand, people who LIKE the car in question keep after it - they
keep the oil changed, belts tensioned, tires properly inflated, leaves and
dead bugs out of the heater box and away from the fusebox, and yes, their
cars generally last longer and run better than cars treated like appliances.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman