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RE: Wheel Help...Please?

> > > I have a set of TSW Blades 4X108, offset 35mm with 225/50/16's off my 95
> > > 90Q Sport.  Does anyone know if these will fit on a 86 5000S?
> >
> > I'm pretty sure they will. The 5K (like my 100Q) uses 4x108, 38mm
> > offset. The turbo used a biggger offset (45mm?). I don't think any
> > of them used the 5 bolt until later.
> >
> My Dad's 88 5kq uses the 45mm 5 bolt turbo wheels.  Funny car, actually.
> Half s trim and half cs trim.  I thought the 100q's used the 5 bolt wheels.
> Not an expert in this wheel and tire business for sure, just passing on
> observations.
> Gary Lewis
My 87 5kq has the Audi 16 spoke alloy wheels. 6Jx15, ET45, pn 447 601
025E.  All the NA non-q 5k's I have seen in this part of the world
have the 4 bolt steel wheels.  I have not seen another 5kq or t with
the same wheels as mine, but they all had the 5 bolt alloys.  As a
matter of interest, when talking with the dealer parts guy, he insists
I have a 'tq' when I mention the 'CD' badge.  I say no 't'.  He
insists it must be a US car.  Obviously not, according to Ti.
Ahh...just one of the many Audi variants.