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RE: wacko service writers


That is outragious!  I had some exhaust work done, including rerouting
clamps and new hangers which took 30 minutes and cost me only $45.  

To put in those exhuast hangers is an easy job and should only take 10-15
minutes MAXIMUM!  I'd also be a little concerned about the $99/hr labor
charge.  Most good shops (i.e. dealer) charge $55 - $60 a hour (which ain't
small potatoes) but $99 is absurd!

200tq.... "gutted" exhaust

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> From: 	Harry R Glesner III[SMTP:hglesner@ast.lmco.com]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, December 23, 1998 9:20 AM
> To: 	audi-20v@emailsol.com
> Cc: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: 	wacko service writers
> Gang:
>   Well I don't want to put a damper on this time of joy and merriment,
> but...I 
> took the Audi a '91 90q20v to McDonald Audi/VW in merry old Littleton for
> a oil 
> change, tire rotation, and the replacement of some broken exhast hangers.
>   First I must say I've been doing buisness with "Continental" McDonald
> Audi/VW 
> for the last 7 year with great regularity, mostly the VW side of the house
> for 
> my '86 Jetta customization...but the Audi side of the house has gotten all
> of my 
> buisness on oil changes and check-ups since I got the 90q in May. With
> great 
> good luck and good will. Small terms I really like the place, I think I
> still 
> do, but here is my story.
>   The Audi was needing an oil change I like the 3k schedual and try to
> stick to 
> it. While I was a it I'd have the tires rotated and the exhast hangers
> checked 
> and the broken ones replaced. The tire rotation, and the oil change
> charges were 
> quite in line, $19 for the oil, and $16 for the tire rotation. But the
> bill was 
> for $93.69...WHAT!
>   The exhast hanger "repair" was for 3 rubber hangers @ $2.82 each
> equaling 
> $8.46 O.K., but the labor said:
>      18  CPA  0.50                           $49.50
>      That correct I was being charged @ a $99 an hour rate to replace 3
> exhast 
> "rubber bands" and it took the tech 1/2 an hour to change them. Lets just
> say I 
> found that a "little" over the top. I took the bill back to the service
> writer 
> and was confronted with a real additude. "I've been with Audi for 10 year,
> and 
> thats just the way it is." "your (I'm) lucky to have gotten off that
> cheap, that 
> Audi has a sliding scale of charging that goes from $65 an hour to $130 an
> hour!"
>      Well I was not going to take this, also knowing that the last time I 
> replace some exhast hangers I did in my drive way with 2 screw drivers in
> about 
> 10 min.
>      This became quite a bru-ha-ha...he all but acussed me of taking the
> food 
> out of the techs kids mouth. So be it...with great, and agressive pomp and
> aditude I was asked what I thought the service was worth and was credited
> with 
> that amount and told that "WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN". And was marched up
> to the 
> cashiers window. I explained to him that over the last year I read of many
> situations like this on this quattro/Audi/20v news group and that I was
> very 
> stunned that it was happening to me, at a place I trust. He then accussed
> me of 
> threating him with the internet. 
>      Wow...well I've decided to tell the story, to you all, and to Audi
> North 
> America, and to the owners of McDonald Audi/VW.
>      I don't know what else to say, I really don't think it was the
> dealerships 
> problem, I've NEVER had any missgiving at using them in the past. But as
> long as 
> this service writer has it out for atleast my billfold, I'll think twice
> about 
> letting him have access to it.
>      His name is Rick Schneider @ McDonald Audi/VW in Littleton, Colorado.
> Has 
> any one else had a simular problem, know the man?
> Your input is appreciated:
> Rick Glesner
> Littleton, Colorado
> '91 90q20v