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V8 Now Finished

Hi All,
   Well, my V8's last travail is over. The emissions problem turned out to
be an O2 sensor and the car is incredibly quiet now. It also picks up
really quickly. I guess the O2 sensor was going when I bought the car
because the first round with emissions passed, but were high. Now they're
quite low. It was the low end response in this car and in others that I
tested in the 85 to 110k range that made me believe that this car was
quite slow. It's not. With a new upper engine and new 02 sensor the car
goes like a bat out of hell especially in Sport. It's also getting between
18 and 22 MPG in mixed use. Stops well with the new bomb too.  
   Jim Desveaux suggested that I swap out the O2 sensor for a generic
Bosch design with a little rewiring. I didn't catch the dealer's guys
before they had already put on the factory one, but even the service
manager thought this doable down the road. Apparently since the V8 runs so
richly the O2 sensors burn out fairly frequently-every 50-60 K. So, the
change to standard Audi or standard Bosch is cost effective. 
   If the car stays as it is now all will be fine. Actually a 3.6 liter V8
with 240 horse, 0-60 in high 7-low 8 range, AWD, reasonable gas economy
and supportive seats is about what I bargained for in the first place.
Nifty deal. A 5spd would be better, but I didn't know they existed when I
bought this.  
   Now I can get back to writing and teaching and try to forget that all
this happened. If I win the lawsuit against the creep that did the bad
installation of the timing belt, my bank account can rest too.