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Re: PLEASE help! 80q shifter mod

Sorry about the quick-ee description of the 80q shifter mod...It's tough to
remember exactly what I did since it was over 2 years ago...even tougher to
describe without visual aids. The thing I do remember is that Audi used a
lot of rubber to connect the 2 joining sections. The trick is to add solid
bushing material (the sleeves I described) to make a more positive
connection. I will crawl under there as soon as I get a chance to jog my
memory...then I'll write it up in more detail.

"Smith, Kirby A" <kirby.a.smith@lmco.com> on 12/23/98 11:22:23 AM

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Subject:  re  PLEASE help! 80q shifter mod

You wrote:
The linkage on those cars was suspect to begin...designed to keep the
driver as insulated from the gearbox feel as
possible. There is a certain amount of built in play both fore and aft as
well as side to side. It always felt crappy to me so I modified mine.

Would you mind expanding on this description; I, and I'm sure others on the
list, would be very interested in just what you did.
                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
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