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[Fwd: Wheel Studs]


> So even if the psi rating of the threaded rod is a few thousand
> less than the Audi bolts (which I doubt) we are still quite safe running
> the grade 8 threaded rod as studs.

For the ur-q I bought 10.8 M14 fine thread bolts 50mm long.Cut off the heads
and insert using high strength LockTite.
Remember you wont the nuts to strip way before the bolt does (in case of
misalignment by some monkey lads) so 10.8 or higher should be used.
A set of Porsche light alloy wheel nuts can also be used and looks great.
On the 4kq front struts you can actually thread the bolt from the other side,
there is enough room.
The rears and 5kt and Ur-q struts on the other hand do not have enough space so
threading it from outside is the only way unless you are doing your wheel
bearings at the same time.
The bolts were $1.50 and they are plated.
On the 4kq I did it the hard way by drilling out the threads and pressing in
Porsche studs.
Way more work and you need the hubs seperate from the strut to do this right
(drill press and hydraulic press).


Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Martin Pajak


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