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RE: how do you break an axle nut?

     If this is like a 44--
     The axle bolt should _only_ be removed w/ the wheel on the ground.  It 
     will require a cheater on your breaker bar.  Lots of torque for the 
     44.  (Maybe 300 nm plus a quarter turn?  Find someone w/ a book to 
     check for sure!)  Audi sez always replace the bolt.
     For the nut on top of the camber plate, I made a tool by grinding out 
     a 180 deg. section from the middle of a 22 mm deep socket.  I think 
     Bentley has a picture.  Seems like only 60 nm on the nut, so grinding 
     the socket isn't a big deal.
     Happy Holidays!
     Dave Weiss
     91 V8
     P.S. Still not subbed-- just perusing the daily message base.  Keep up 
     the good work!