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Re: Cantankerous Key Fob!

Thanks Elliott,

I didn't see any IR LED when I took it apart to change the battery.  It
looks like RF (radio frequency) to me.

Do you think the resynchronization routine will work with RF?

At 14:45 12/23/98 -0500, Elliott Potter wrote:
>W. D. wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I am new to the list, (as of this morning), so I haven't seen too
>> many messages.  However, I've recently acquired a 1996 Audi A6
>> Quattro 4 door sedan.
>Cool car!
>> The remote control on the key ring sometimes works, and sometime
>> does not (mostly sometimes not).  It has a brand new battery
>> installed.
>Is this the IR remote (has a little light on the [big] key)?
>> Does anyone know the magic word that will get this thing to work???
>I have a few, but I can't say them on the list :)
>If it's the infared key remote, you can check a couple of things--first
>make sure that the little IR light in the key is clean.  When you're
>pushing the button, keep in mind that you have to have the light pointed
>at the B pillar of the car, and need to be about 10-15 feet away.
>If your batteries are indeed good, if you're staring at the light on the
>key when you press the button you should see a quick, faint, red flash. 
>If you often have to push the key a number of times, you might need to
>re-synchronize the codes--stand about a foot from the driver's door,
>point the key at the reciever on the B pillar, and push the button--then
>within 30 seconds use the key to lock and unlock the driver's door. 
>This may only work if the remote part doesn't work; I'm not sure.
>Good luck!