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Re: 94 100 timing belt

Wow, I don't know where you got your manual, but most don't say anything
about the timing belt.  Anyway, the V6 will definitely chew itself to
bits if the timing belt breaks, so I would go ahead and do it.  While
you're in there get the water pump and tensioners.
Expect to pay around $600-$800.

Joan Kotjarapoglus wrote:
> I am approching 60k miles and believe the manual calls for replacing
> timeing belt.  Will a break bend the valves as with the turbo engine?
> The 5 cylinder engines timing belts seemed to go till about
> 90k
> miles before a break.  Is this also true for the V-6 engine?  If the
> valves bend, it is not worth testing the recommended 60k change
> interval.  Your input would be appreciated.   George K   jkot@pitt.edu