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Re: re Re Question [headlights]

Tom Nas wrote:
> Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com> wrote:
> >Smith, Kirby A wrote:
> >> >Do you know whether or not the H1/H7 projector Eurolights used on the later
> >> >90s and S2 fit into the earlier 90s such as ours without having to use the
> >> >"proboscis" hood and/or other parts? [Kirby]
> >>
> >>         Nope, sorry... this requires the later hood/hood catch plate (BTW
> >>         This site www.audi80.com has some very interesting info about
> >>         'cross-dressing' type 89 Audis)
> >That's a pity...they sure look quite similar from the outside.  Are you
> >sure we're talking about the same body style?  I'm thinking about the
> >later 90's, 1993-on with the B4 (81?) body style.  I had looked at that
> >audi80.com site, but the relevant links (to the B4 body style) are dead.
> If you read more closely, you see that Kirby and I were discussing the type
> 89/B3 cars, while yours is the B4. If you want RS2 lights, it means lights
> plus alternative provision for turn signals- be it some hacking of your US
> bumper to fit Euro turn signals or fitting a complete RS2 bumper, which
> means losing the 5mph protection.
I guess I hadn't noticed in the original message which body style you
were talking about.  If I were to do this project I would definitely get
the RS2 bumper--or perhaps (a cheaper alternative) since it's not goint
to have 5mph protection anyway, have one fabricated locally out of
fiberglass or something.

> >I don't know about injuring wildlife, but I would like to see a little
> >better....
> More than 'a little better' would mean fitting later 4-cyl 80 headlights
> ('92-on)- they're a straight swap. If you don't mind relocating your turn
> signals, go for the H4/H1 lights of the 5-cyl/V6 80 models (they deleted
> the 90 designation for the B4 in Europe). This would be a great setup.
> If you don't mind paying a lot of money for your lights, by all means buy
> the RS2 projectors (although I can't really see the benefit would be worth
> the enormous cost increase over the H4/H1, and you'd still have to change
> those turn signals).
Someday I'm going to get on the stick and get Euro spec lenses to
replace my DOT spec ones and hopefully will gain another few feet of
vision in the dark--that would make me happy (at least for a while).

> >Considering how much the bumper costs, I wouldn't mind giving up the
> >Aluminum bumper, but I think that it could be done for less than $1100.
> I haven't priced an original RS2 bumper here in Europe yet. Given the
> rarity of the car, I guess it'd be expensive.
> A nice, perhaps slightly cheaper, alternative would be an S2 bumper cover
> with the small spoiler lip underneath. Provision for fog lights and turn
> signals, looks neat and it's been used on more models (S2 coupe, sedan and
> Avant and the 90 Competition quattro) which could perhaps mean that it's
> cheaper- and easier to come by. Come to think of it- it's also used on the
> European Cabriolet, so it's even a current part. www.audi.com or
> www.audi.de should show you what it looks like.

Yea, I like the way the headlights look.  Couldn't find a good picture
of the bumper but I did see the integrated lights in it.  Something of
note was that the Cab's lights have electronic adjustment, which might
involve a little hacking to make manual.

> BTW, the new Cabriolet also has the projector lights. Last time I checked,
> the units were something like $600 _EACH_, not including taxes.

> Something to mull over, while you're digesting your Xmas dinner...

Thanks for the info!

> Tom
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