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Little Red Riding Quat

	Just an update.  I finally got the brake proportioning valve for "Little Red
Riding Quat" .  This made it a daily driver instead of a garage space-holder.
(Oh, it came from Rod @ TPC.)
	Drove the car to Indianapolis for a couple days.  It needs strut carts, this
became noticeable during the drive.  At normal interstate speeds it will
occasionally start bouncing like a wheel just lost a weight.  Sometimes
lifting the throttle will cure it, sometimes not.
	The trip last week was from Bucksnort to North Kansas City, MO.  This is
really a nice driving car.  Just wish it had a turbo.  If it were mine (it's
my daughter's) I'd be getting one of the spare engines ready to go in....
	This week we drove it to NC and back.  Got to come back in the ice storm.  We
managed to dodge most of it.  Ran the "southern" route through Atlanta.  The
closer we got to Nashville on I-75 the worse the road and drivers seemed to
get, so we cut across the bottom of Nashville on U.S. 96.  Made it to
Bucksnort this afternoon.
	Tomorrow we'll take the car out on the ice-covered back roads for some
driving practice for the teen-agers.  Both of them need the experience.  And
the 4KQ is a much more "tossable" car than our 5Ks, so it will be the one we
	Guess I'll order in some strut carts and bite the bullet to get that job done
in early January.
	BTW, the roads never did get bad enough for us to lock the diff, but I bet
we'll do that tomorrow to compare the difference between locked and unlocked.

	Regards to all, best wishes through the holidays.