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heater problems fixed, maybe?

Long time listers will recall my saga of no heat in a CQ,
despite my valiant efforts to correct the problem, and all
your helpful suggestions.

Jim Moore is a new 20v list member and wrote in about his
efforts with the same type of problem.

I spoke with Jim today and confirmed that what he had
done was the replacement of the heater box.  He did so
at a shop that charged only 4 hours labor (?!?) and
the astute mechanic was able to use a $150 Golf heater
box, with fabrication for the vacuum servo mounts, instead
of the $600 CQ one.

The problem was the disintegration of the foam covering on
the flaps inside the heater box.  From looking at mine,
it's the same problem. (and you know what Jim?  I did
see little black crap coming out of the vents, now that
I think about it).

Want to know what's interesting?  Both our cars came from
Florida.  Both of us have peeling leather on the doors 
(Jim gave me an idea for fixing that as well).
Chalk it up to humidity I guess.

My CQ will go in for box surgery (leave it along Damato...)
early in Jan. I'm already dreading the bill but I'll 
be glad to have heat!  I will do the heater core too while it's
all out, and may think about doing the a/c condenser as well
since there is no way that dash is ever coming out
again, unless it's to install a turbo motor.
Hmm, maybe I should drop that in too? :)

| Dan |
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