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Re: Oil Leak in footwell, THE LATEST

> I'm not sure how close the pump is to the firewall, I can tell you that my
> steering rack was resealed in February by the Audi dealership.  I can also
> tell you that the steering pump was replaced in January of 1994.
> Unfortunately without a Bentley manual I really don't know how accurate
> this diagnosis is.  Does anyone have a manual for the 90?  Is the
> mechanic's diagnosis correct?  The part is arriving next Tuesday and I'm
> suppose to bring it in then to get it installed.
> On another note, any ideal how to was this stuff out of the carpets.  Steam
> cleaning seems to just smear it around the carpeting.

try this...

brake fluid eats paint.  comes with lots of warnings on label.  take a
little "sample" of the stuff on your carpet.  Apply it to some some
scrap painted metal.  Observe results over time.

try finding the source of the leak yourself, also.  Power steering pumps
are usually on the front of the engine driven by belts.

another way to say for certain - mechanics have fluorescent dyes
(electric kool aid...) they can add to vital auto fluids to see if/where
they are leaking.  

removal... could be tough, it sounds like it's really soaked in.  I
would start with strong soaps and work my way through the "periodic
table of solvents", trying to stay away from the ones that eat paint...

when you know which fluid it actually is, experiment with a rag and some
of said fluid - try to find somthing that will break it down.  Once
you've got that, just keep using it.  I think carpet removal is going to
be in order, however.  and then why not, as the other guy said,

Good luck!

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT