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Re: 88 5kcsquattro for sale at dealer in East Tenn

In a message dated 12/25/98 11:22:28 AM, jaspal1@yahoo.com wrote:

<<I've bought from them before, but that particular sales guy has left.
I can run out and take a look if anyone is interested- I'll be here in
Kingsport until Wednesday.

Remember- ETenn isn't a hotbed of Audis and usually can set on lots
for weeks meaning prices are negotiable.>>

If Jason can't take a look I can, I live in East Tennessee, Bristol 20 min
from Rick Hill Imports (Audi,BMW, 'Benz, Porsche).  I have to pick up a part
next week for my 4kcsq.  Like Jason said you rarely see Audis around here.
Happy Holidays!
Ira T. Deere