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Re: Spiral Max (fwd)

More Nology info...

This is _very_ interesting.  On the Audi turbo cars, the most important
sensors are the timing sensors which are on the flywheel.  If RFI
should get into these inputs to the ECU, it will completely screw
up the ignition timing.  Of course, RFI in the knock sensor inputs
won't help either...


> >
> >What happened to the neon?  Cross-firing leading to detonation?
> >

> Nope... Excessive RFI under the hood (where the PCM was located) leading to
> the PCM frying several of it's inputs!
> Dealer even said it was the RFI from the Nology wires and submitted several
> work orders from their factory showing similar problems with other vehicles
> across the country that used the Nology wires...
> Nology told me if I had a problem with them to hire an attorney and sue
> them... I still may to recover my money!
> They also threatened me that publicly putting down their product would be
> considered slanderous and they'd sue me...
> I've posted over and over on the net to lots of auto news groups and
> mailing lists about them and have yet to hear from them!

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