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Re: Dear Santa...parts fiche wanted

Dave C. wrote:
> Actually Linda did send me a fiche once for a different car, but when I
> requested one for the 4kq, on my last FAX request for parts, she didn't
> come through.
> Richard... has a dealer in the U.S. ever sold you a parts fiche, other than
> as a personal favor?
> I hear that in Canada these are readily available from the dealer parts
> dept..
> A list member has agreed to send me the one I need, so I'm OK for now.  But
> I think there are lots of other folks who'd like to access to these.
> Dave C.

Dave C.,

  I just ordered some stuff from Rod at The Parts Connection and asked
the fische for my car and he said no problem and no charge. Give him a
Dennis Whitson
'86 4KCSQ