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Re: 88 80 Radio installation

I assume that you either ran switched power to the radio, or hooked up both the
switched and the constant power wires from the Blaupunkt to constant power. The
latter is what I have to do with my QSW and a Sony deck.
    '84 GTI
    '86 Scirocco 8v
    '87 QSW

Geoff Brumback wrote:

> Ok...I am trying to install a Blaupunkt Manhattan CD-Reciever into my 1988
> 80.  I believe that I have everything hooked up properly...however the radio
> refuses to turn on.  Now given that the factory radio was not swithed
> through the ignition, will this cause a problem?
> Next what do the little symbols on the radio connectors mean? By first
> appearance....
> + = possitive power connection
> - = ground
> upside down peace symbol = antenna power
> sun = constant 12+
> speaker with + = ????
> Ok...now if I am right with this then the radio should be connected
> properly...however...if I am mistaken on something please let me know....any
> BTDT's greatly appreciated.
> Geoff Brumback
> Owner: 1988 Audi 80
> geoffaudi@hotmail.com