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Re: info on 90 V8 Quattro

>In a message dated 12/24/98 2:50:14 AM !!!First Boot!!!, User217439@aol.com
Have had my V8 for 3 1/2 years.  Love the car.  Best value in large sedan
of all, and the 4WD is free!!
Have had few problems.  Wheel bearing 3 years ago and $120 sun roof repair.
 Did major service at independent for 1/2 the price of dealer. 
Car has provided 40,000 miles of wonderful driving.  I recommend V8s to
Has multiple personalities, can cruse at 80-90 mph all day in effortless
quiet or attack a mountain pass and humble most other cars, including ALL
Am getting an S4 next week and my wife is taking the V8 from me.  We
couldn't part with such a machine!

There seems to be a general fear in the Denver area of the cost of repair,
however I have yet to talk to someone who has actually seen such a problem
first hand.  Now that ZF seems to be doing the auto transmissions in the
US, and there are independent shops also, it seems the risk is minimal.

I suggest to friends:  pay for the car, and put $4000 in a mutual fund.
Add the two numbers together as the cost of the car, still VERY cheap for a
$55,000+ automobile, lass than $20,000 probably.  If there is a problem,
cash in the fund, and you are 'even', if no problem, you have a great down
payment on your next Audi, maybe a 4.2 .

Bill Witt

><< I'm thinking about purchasing a 90 V8 Quattro w/51,000k,
> any info (pro or con) would be very helpful.
> Thanks >>
>Make sure that you get the vin number and have an audi dealer check the
>service record. Many 90 v8's had the entire dash unit - including the odo
>replaced due to flaws in the earlier models. That 51,000k may not be
>Since Audi did that service they should have accurate records.
>Take the time to check the archives on the list - lots written about this
>My experience is that its a great hi speed quiet hiway cruiser that loves the
>twisties - and now after the first snow in the phila area it's GREAT in the
>snow. It LIKES hi test - alot I avg 17-18  mpg mostly hiway. Parts from the
>Audi dealer are very expensive - but the service has been very good. All
>are shipped from a central Audi warehouse overnight.
>Good Luck!
>Bernie Dubin
>'90 v8q 33k on the odo 51k actual
>'93 miata b