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re: Bomb questions

A happy season's deja vu to you, Jim.  Classic "bad bomb syndrome" doesn't
typically include leakage--although the pressure hose from pump-to-bomb
certainly could be leaking. This would possibly drip onto the area you
described. Have you checked for leaking fluid along the high-pressure
hose--especially at the fitting that connects the two sections of the hose
(from the PS pump) leading to the bomb?

Other than that, there are many (12 or 13?) seals around the front half of
the PS pump--not including the hose connections. Many of these are hidden
by the pump bracket and are difficult to inspect. Is the _bottom_ of your
PS pump absolutely dry? No oil along the hoses?

A leaking turbo coolant pump might also deposit fluid at the spot you
describe. Are you certain you're not seeing a coolant leak?

Phil R.

>Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 14:33:49 -0800
>From: "James A. Desveaux" <desveaux@ucla.edu>
>Subject: Bomb questions
>Happy post-Christmas to everyone.  Yesterday, I noticed evidence of leakage
>from my '91 200QW in my mother's immaculate driveway.  I popped the
>hood/bonnet and noticed a fair amount of fluid had puddled above and around
>the left side motor mount.  I checked the engine oil level, and it's still
>topped up.  I'd changed to Mobil 1 about 6 weeks ago, for the first time.  I
>dipped my finger into the fluid on the mount, and noticed a very light
>colored consistency, and it didn't have any of the sulphur smell of engine
>oil (even the smell of Mobil 1 once it has spent time in the engine.
>FOr the previous few days, I noticed that the brake warning light takes 10
>or 15 seconds to go off, and for the first time (on the 60 mile drive to my
>mother's on xmas eve), the brake warning light flickered.  So I anticipated
>a bad bomb.  The brakes feel fine at this point.  I did pull the line from
>the servo to the hydraulic reservoir, to make sure fluid wasn't pouring out
>of there (with engine off?) and it wasn't.  I see no evidence of leakage
>from the hyraulic pump, which was replaced with new 18 months and 18k miles
>ago.  The rack appears to be dry, as does the sump.  And the brake warning
>light IS on when it shouldn't be.
>Finally, the question: Can a bad bomb result in hydraulic fluid leaking?
>Anybody with any words of wisdom on this.  I ask because I'm now driving my
>other vehicle, the car is at my mother's, and I'm about to order a bomb, and
>go up and do the work, and then take the Audi on a trip.  Is there another
>possible explanation for the leak that I'm missing?  (The coolant level is
>where it should be, and the pentosin level is a bit low, but not seriously).
>- - Jim

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