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Re: 4kq: no heat

Thermostats are cheap. Just get a new one. Definitely sounds like your
thermostat is stuck. Follow the bottom radiator hose to where it attaches to
the block (water pump). There is a little fitting there with two (10mm head)
bolts holding it on. Underneath there should be the thermostat. I actually
don't know this from experience, as I've never changed one, that's just where
it LOOKS like it is. I suppose I could be completely wrong, and then I would
feel like a dumbass, but since that's where the water pump is, I figure that's
where the thermostat is.
    '84 GTI
    '86 Scirocco 8v
    '87 QSW

pajono wrote:

> My 87 4kq is no longer putting out very much heat, and the coolant gauge is
> staying down near the first tick on the gauge. If the car sits idling, the
> temp goes upto the mid range, where it normally is.
> Sounds like my thermostat is stuck open? OK, so where is it, and what are
> my options to replace it? Bentley show a picture of it, but i can't figure
> out where it is.
> Are the thermo's repairable?
> Thanks,
> Paul
> 87 4kq