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URQ for sale

I noted your post regarding interest in an TQC. I have a very nice 1983 that I 
have had for 5 years, and use as my daily driver, and love it dearly, but I 
would consider selling, as I bought an 88 wagon, which suits the family needs 
I know the car that Greg Hayman's brother is selling, as Greg has done all the 
work on my car, and Greg can verify what I will tell you about my car. 

1983,black, tan leather 113k miles. I purchased the car almost 5 years ago, from 
Kent Anderson, who got it in the northwest. It had no rust, and he had the car 
painted the complete, (I have before and after pics-windows were take out, hood 
and bumpers off) and  he redyed the interior. The car has been well maintained 
cosmetically by me and is very nice looking, with no door dings and a very 
straight body. It has Fuchs wheels with 6 month old Dunlop SP8000 tires, 225/50 
15, which are fabulous, (as well as the original wheels with Nokia HRW snows, 
with 2 seasons on them). The interior is nice too, with no cracks in the dash, 
additional gauges mounted in the console,custom mats, Momo comp wheel (with the 
original and an 84 wheel as spares) Momo shifter, Alpine stereo with Boston 
Acoustic speakers mounted in the stock holes (no cutting done). The seats have 
had new side bolsters in the front, but could use redying. If I were to keep the 
car, my next project would be redoing the inserts in the front. If that is done, 
the interior would be perfect. Mechanically, I have spent 4 years and AT LEAST 
13K on the car. In my view, it is as good as they get as a reliable, fast 
comfortable fully sorted out driver. It has an MC motor, chipped, with new 
clutch, seals done 2 years ago, all new fuel supply parts from pump to 
distributer to injectors, new plug wires, rebuilt turbo 2 mos ago (for a leaking 
seal), new valve seals and lifters, aluminized exhaust done <2 years ago, new HD 
Bilsteins and springs from a low mileage 87 car which I got from Europe, which 
are stock but lower the car slighty. The suspension is perfect! When I did the 
shocks, I also replaced the CV boots in the front, inner and outer, as well as 
the wheel bearings, and front rotors. It has new brake lines done 4 years 
ago.The control arm bushings have also been done. New AC compressor as well. 
Recent battery and starter motor.  The window lift motors have been done, new 
switches for same, new clutch hydraulic cylinder. New windshield and new rubber. 
I may have left out something, but as you can tell, I have done ALOT to this 
car, and believe me that these cars can be costly. When you look for a car, it 
is VERY hard to know what you are getting, so be careful, the costs of 
repairs/parts add up fast, and the purchase prices are all over the place for 
these cars, depending on how much has been done. I haven't figured a price for 
my car, but if you are interested we can talk. I do know that Greg's brother 
wants 10K for his.
I am in soutwest CT, call me anytime at 203-938-9128 in the next week, eves 
best, or post your interest to me.  
Rob Greene