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Re: A Christmas gift from the Audi gods - NOT (Thanks)

> Thanks all,

It took about 3 hrs of tinkering but it turns out the electrical connetor to the tail light
assembly had an intermittant connection problem that would only show up every third or 4th time
one reconnnected it.  Very frustrating.  But after cleaning all the connections with contact
cleaner and sandpaper and a little rebending of the pins it works fine.

FYI to those who responded to the great 84 Coupe GT give away I will post more details and
pictues in a day or so.


P.S. Dan does the list allow attachement of pictures or should I put them on a server (PITA).

> John Stanton wrote:
> >
> > Happy greetings to all,
> >
> > Well on way back from Christmas dinner last night the left blinker started acting weird -
> > the rapid cycling telling you there is a circuit problem.  Well thinking this was a simple
> > bulb I checked them all out and they checked out including the new one I had to put in
> > after braking the dual filament brake light in the process.
> >
> > So I must dig deeper and would like some input.  Here are the rear light symptoms:
> > 1)    With the headlights off the left blinker is weak but works
> > 2)    With the head lights on the blinker doesn't blink but the brake light rapidly blinks
> >
> > Thanks to all would like to get this taken care of before leaving for Maine later in the
> > week.
> >
> > John