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save the list......RE: WHICH OIL TO USE?

Rather than start a "oil thread" which in the end produces nothing other
than a huge volume of mostly useless Email, use what ever oil you have USED
BEFORE, Audi is not that much different than other cars (as much as some of
us like to think, me included!).
Please please please, don't stretch this subject any longer than needed
(0000000000), just use what ever worked for you before.
Asking about oil in this list is the same as asking what are you favorite
political party.........there are pros and cons for everything......rightly
or wrongly...

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Now, this would start a huge thread on the Porsche list, but I will see
what's out there in Audi world.  I'm wondering what oil listmembers are
using?  I have always used Synthetic on my other cars, so when we got the 95
A6Q, I changed it over to Mobil 1 at the first oil change.  I have heard
mega discussions on oil and the general consensus seems to be the Redline
and Mobil 1 are the most popular/best synthetics, although I realize there
are a few AMSOIL folks out there.  I'm not sure what dino style is most
popular, I would guess Castrol although it seems you either love or hate it.
I have chosen Mobil 1 in the past because a) I do not own any race cars or
turbos (for now!) and any further protection provided by Redline or others
is unnecessary as Mobil 1 is probably over kill anyway b) Porsche recommends
it.(Sorry, I'm still a Porsche guy, too!) To my knowledge, no other brand of
oil is recommended by a manufacturer.  I do know dealerships sell their own
oil, but I have no idea what it is.  Soooo, even though I have the Audi
warranty that will fix any engine leaks for 2 years/75k, I don't need any
hassles.  I wouldn't think Mobil 1 would make a car with only 40k leak, but
who knows?

Samuel W. Clough
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