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Radiator/Caliper Guide pin sources


My 89 200TQ is need of a new radiator, the top hose popped off last
week revealing 1" length of plastic tube remaining.  Flushing the
cooling system and filling again in sub zero temps was fun....

Searching the archives indicates replacing with an all metal unit is a
good option.  I see "Olympic Distributing" listed on the vendor list as
a radiator supplier, any other recommendations out there?

Whilst checking the brakes I found wear on the rear caliper guide
pins.  Anyone know of a good source for replacements?

Peter Golledge

89 Audi 200TQ
86 BMW K100RS
79 Porsche 930
90 SAAB 900i (RHD in Australian storage)

My other car is something weird and probably broken right now.....